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Hat made in Belgium

- 100% wool felt

- Size 56.5  cm

- 9cm brim

- Head height of 11  cm

- Waterproofing treatment

- Interior finish with leather band

- Bi-material for the back of the edge in golden imitation leather.

- Delivered with its luxurious wooden hat box signed Pili Garcia


All the stages of hat making are done by hand, in an artisanal way and always with respect for nature.



At each STOP, a creation…


PANTS ,  Brazil

Ocher earth, vegetation and swamps as far as the eye can see… it almost feels like being in Africa!

The largest wetland on the planet, there is the greatest variety of aquatic plants in the world… Located on the Bolivian border, this vast region is the most beautiful natural animal reserve in Brazil!


Boa viagem

"Have a good trip !"


  • In Belgium  :

    • Home delivery, only for the Province of Liège

    • Pick up at the workshop by appointment 

    The delivery time is estimated at 2 to 3 working days after receipt of payment.

    • Delivery to the address of your choice

    Delivery time is estimated 3-5 business days after receipt of payment.


    Others  european countries  :

    • Delivery to the address of your choice