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"What we  let's carry  is a message
Which one is yours ?"

Pili Garcia is a Belgian hat brand
which pays homage to the beauty of our precious planet. 
UNIQUE pieces carrying messages.


a stopover, a creation...


Pili GARCIA unveils its “Timeless Collection” of hats placed under the sign of spontaneity, but also relaxation while keeping authenticity.

It innovates and stands out thanks to an original concept that combines passion, tradition and modernity. Through his hats designed in his workshop, Pili shares extraordinary experiences mixing ambient conformism with the richness of cultures.  

In its collections with ethnic nuances, we discover a unique and unisex range. In a contemporary and refined style, the models can be worn in any season.

In 2011, Pili GARCIA began a 180° turn by embarking on the manufacture of hats.  

She thus created her brand, which she registered and continued to develop day after day.




100% Belgian hats

A mixed approach to accessories, a concern for comfort in technical design and traceability in the search for quality raw materials, very stylish wide brims, a rigid and therefore royal side, a pretty patina, which gives them an extra of soul and small charms that enhance each piece, and give the impression to whoever puts it on to wear a souvenir of travel.

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gear03_Plan de travail 1.png
gear03_Plan de travail 1.png
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