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Hat made in Belgium

  • 100% wool felt
  • Size 56cm
  • 9.5cm brim
  • Head height of 9  cm
  • Waterproofing treatment
  • Finishing  interior  leather band 
  • It is embellished with a red rope
  • Delivered with its luxurious wooden hat box signed Pili Garcia


All the stages of hat making are done by hand, in an artisanal way and always with respect for nature.



At each STOP, a creation…


DANAKIL, Ethiopia

The Danakil Depression in Ethiopia Located in the Danakil desert, this geological site is known for its curious geological formations: acid hot springs, sulfur mountains, gaseous geysers, acid basins form a desolate lunar landscape. Given the strong presence of sulphur, iron oxide and salt, white, yellow, green and ocher prevail here.


መልካም ጉዞ

"Have a good trip"




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