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Hat made in Belgium

- 100% rabbit hair felt (ecological breeding)

- Size 56  cm

- Edge of 6  cm

- Head height of 12  cm

- Waterproofing treatment

- Finished  satin interior and leather band 

- Metallic exterior ornament 

- Delivered with its luxurious wooden hat box signed Pili Garcia


All the stages of hat making are done by hand, in an artisanal way and always with respect for nature.



At each STOP, a creation…


TRATAS,  Slovakia


Slovakia was still part of Czechoslovakia just a few years ago. This trip to untouched mountains, Tatras, will surprise you!. Lovers of nature and mountainous landscapes will be enchanted by this region of Poprad.

The destination is full of opportunities because the Slovak Tatras are a succession of forests, lakes, waterfalls, open plains and incredible panoramas. Unknown in our region but so beautiful. There is no shortage of natural assets in this mountainous region protected by UNESCO. Not only the enormous diversity of landscapes but also the cultural history of this country will win you over! In short, ... Slovakia, more than a discovery!


Šťastnú cestu!

"Have a good trip"