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Hat made in Belgium

- 100% wool

- Size 55.5  cm

- 9.5cm brim

- 9.5 head height  cm

- Waterproofing treatment

- Leather band interior finish

- Black lace ornament with metallic flake  around the cap

- Delivered with its luxurious wooden hat box signed Pili Garcia


All the stages of hat making are done by hand, in an artisanal way and always with respect for nature.



At each STOP, a creation…


SURIN , Thailand

The annual elephant gathering has made the provincial capital of Surin quite famous. No less than 200 elephants perform there! Coupled with a good atmosphere that will unanimously seduce travelers. A pleasant stopover to consider visits in the surroundings such as discovering the Khmer ruins, among others. Surin is also an essential stopover before going to Cambodia.




"Have a good trip !"




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