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This is the story of a girl with a passion for travel and hats.


Whether it was a whim or a stroke of genius, Pili Garcia decided to create hats at the start of a world tour in order to try out all kinds of inspiration on the continents of the world.


At each stop, a creation... The tone is set!


Pili Garcia takes you to the four corners of the world and tells you about her passion through her creations.


Hyperactive and determined, the list of countries where Pili is inspired is endless.


Addiction, virus or novelty: Pili quickly infects you with her designs.


Between stopovers, colours or talismans, she gives free rein to emotion and escape in complete tranquillity.


Softness, mystery and the desire to be elsewhere will be at the rendezvous... Enough to make you fly away the time you wear one of her creations.


Pili GARCIA unveils its “Timeless Collection” of hats placed under the sign of spontaneity, but also relaxation while keeping authenticity. ​


It innovates and stands out thanks to an original concept that combines passion, tradition and modernity.


Through his hats designed in his workshop, Pili shares extraordinary experiences mixing ambient conformism with the richness of cultures. ​


In its collections with ethnic nuances, we discover a unique and unisex range.


In a contemporary and refined style, the models can be worn in any season.


Of Belgian-Spanish origin, Pili GARCIA launches a brand of customizable hats inspired by more or less distant lands. As seductive as they are photogenic, they attract buyers from here and elsewhere who have fallen, through the magic of social networks, under the spell of these PARADISE-scented hats.


A mixed approach to accessories, a concern for comfort in technical design and traceability in the search for quality raw materials (including hand-woven straw in Ecuador by a women's cooperative, but also rabbit, felt and wool), very stylish wide edges, a rigid and therefore royal side, a pretty patina - produced using buckling or sanding techniques - which gives them an extra soul and small grigri which enhance each piece and give the impression to the person who puts it on that they are wearing a souvenir from their trip. 

This is, in essence, the DNA of the hats created over the past few years by this Belgian designer of Spanish origin who fell into the world of hats for the love of travel and craftsmanship.

Inspired by a place, each hat, fashioned by hand in his workshop located in the countryside, a stone's throw from Liège, bears a magical name (Lucero, Rio Tinto, Yacu, Oaxaca...). 

Image de Bill Oxford


The process is simple and yet so powerful, orchestrated by the 5 natural elements that work with each other, like the wheels of a GEAR of a watch...  

I have grouped them under ONE simple and unique symbol!  

A symbol that contains a simple concept and a powerful process that will allow you to create what you want in your life, whatever your project, your dream and your desires, and this in all areas of your life. !


Pili Garcia is an eco-responsible Belgian hat brand that produces unique pieces that carry messages.  


The idea of using the 5 natural elements is what gave the brand identity.

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