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How to measure your head circumference with or without a measuring tape?

​The easiest way to know your head circumference is to measure it with a tape measure or string and go around your head. In the absence of a tape measure, a non-stretch ribbon, a string, a lace or a cord will also do the trick to go around your head. Nothing could be simpler, report the length taken on a ruler or a rigid tape measure.

You need to place the tape measure or string... at the level of the center of your forehead, +/- 1 cm above your eyebrows, then pass the string to the back of your head, taking care to locate at the level of the bump that we have at the back, the strongest place of the head.

This measurement gives you a result in centimeters which will allow you to make your choice.



Your head circumference measurement does not indicate the shape of your skull.

  • For round heads, the choice will be for a boater, bowler hat or capeline.

  • The skull is oval, models such as the Fedora or the Cordobes (capeline with a flat crown and not a ball) will be among other recommended styles.


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a tailor-made realization is possible.


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